We offer various Speaking and Outreach Services. Our goal is to grow the Kingdom and we offer the following services to help God’s Kingdom grow.

  • Youth Groups – Our presentation connects aviation to good decisions making choices and the Gospel. The use of aviation videos connect with the youth and is an interesting way to teach the principles and share the Gospel.
  • Men Groups– Making good choices is a life-long task. Out aviation presentation can be tailored to adult groups.
  • Flight Simulators- Even adults like to try their skills at flying an airplane. Out air conditioned flight simulator trailer is a perfect outdoor picnics, festivals and outreach,
  • Substitute Worship Leader Services and Music Concerts- Our pianist/vocalist/songwriter Angelia is available to provide music for church services, fund-raisers, women’s re-treats, concerts and outreach.

For more information please call 321-288-7209 or email to Booking@wingsofgraceministries.org