Ragged Island is a small island (9 square miles) located about 120 miles east of Cuba. In 2017, Hurricane Irma unleashed her furry on the island, ripping off roofs and damaging practically every structure on the island. Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis declared that the destruction wrought by Hurricane Irma had rendered it uninhabitable and urged the remaining 18 residents to evacuate. Government funding to rebuild the government structures or aid the citizens has not been forthcoming.

Wings of Grace is partnering with Pilots for Christ International to help restore the damaged homes so that residents can return to the island. Our first trip in early 2019 brought a team of five mission-minded Wings of Grace students and three adult leaders to reroof a home. After a day of learning how to cut shingles and work a nail gun, our teens divided into two teams and accomplished the mission which will allow the resident to move back into the home.

The more important work however is to share the love of Christ and offer hope to some people who lost most of everything they owned. Our plan is to fly teams in every month to continue the rebuilding effort. Future teams will focus on building relationships with the residents to assist them in the restoration project instead of the teams doing all of the labor. Developing bible studies is an important aspect of our mission work.

As much as possible, supplies will be purchased on the island to spur local commerce.