Benefits of Music Training

  • Improves: Concentration (academic skills)
    Coordination (physical skills)
    Confidence (social skills)
  • Learn the value of self-discipline, practice, repetition, commitment, persistence and patience required to develop proficiency in any new skill
  • Make new friends with a common interest
  • Opportunities to perform for each other in class and in different venues
  • Learn to overcome shyness, stage-fright and fear
  • Learn to read music and to play an instrument

The Wings of Grace Music Training Program currently offers instruction in the following:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Cello
  • Voice
  • Songwriting


Angelia is a pianist/vocalist/songwriter and co-founder of Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. She performs several times a month at various local establishments to raise funds for the Wings of Grace teen fight program and housing ministry. Angelia also hosts a weekly radio show on and a monthly Christian songwriter’s workshop for aspiring songwriters. She is also a piano instructor and vocal coach.

Angelia has five CD recordings available for purchase and download at Click here for a link to her website:

A sample of Angelia’s music is playing.
Below is the music player that can be turned off in order to watch the video.