One of the difficulties in becoming a mission pilot is gaining the necessary flight experience in order to serve with a mission organization. Mission aviation schools and colleges graduate fixed-wing pilots with all the necessary ratings but with only 250 to 300 hours of flight experience. Mission organizations look for pilots with 500 to 1,000 hours of flight experience and for some of the experience to be in complex, high-performance aircraft. This is a difficult bridge to cross, especially considering that mission pilots must raise their own financial support. It can take from eight to ten years to achieve all of the requirements necessary to begin flying missions. These factors along with the high demand for well-paid airline and corporate jobs has caused a shortage of dedicated mission pilots.

The Wings of Grace Missionary Pilot Training program is designed to help solve this dilemma. Our twin-engine Cessna 310R opens up a 1,000 nautical mile mission field with plenty of opportunities for our teen students to earn the necessary flight ratings and experience, and more importantly to perform actual mission work!