As pilots we have discovered that successful flying is a microcosm of living a successful life. The same principles that keep us safe in the air also work in everyday life. We have found that most of these principles are biblical principals.

As an example, prior to flying an aircraft the pilot will conduct a thorough inspection to make sure that it is airworthy. This is called a pre-flight. Where is this found in the Bible?

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians to put on the armor of God every day. Check out Ephesians Chapter 6, verses 10 through 20. Then give it a try.  See if this simple “pre-flight” each morning keeps you flying through the day. We are certain it will!

Attitude Indicator

When an aircraft flies into clouds or low visibility the pilot must rely on instruments to keep the proper altitude, heading and airspeed. Without having an instrument rating it is almost impossible for the pilot to maintain control. The primary instrument the pilot uses is the Attitude Indicator, or Artificial Horizon. Did you know you have an attitude indicator? The Apostle Paul writes of many in Galatians Chapter 5, verses 16 through 26. A few indicating a bad attitude are hatred, contentions, jealousies, envy and drunkenness. A few of the good ones are love, joy, peace and self-control. Read through this passage and see what your attitudes are indicating.