Why We Do What We Do?

Practically every day we hear of a heart breaking story of a young person who has made a bad decision that has resulted in a death, a prison sentence, a squandered opportunity or a wasted life.

Today hope seems to be diminishing among young people. Many parents struggle with debt, losing homes to foreclosure and eviction, losing jobs and the difficulties of finding a new one.  A young teenage may look at his or her parents and think; “If my parents are having trouble making it, what hope is there for me?” Out desire is to give out students a sense of hope!


We want to impart in them the knowledge that they are valuable, that they have a unique gift and they have a bright future ahead of them. Teenagers rarely find this on their own – it must be communicated to them by someone they respect and trust. Unfortunately many may not hear this message from their parents, teachers or clergy.


This process begins by introducing them to aviation and giving them their first flight lesson. From this they see that there is an opportunity to accomplish something  big in life, even earning a pilot’s licenses. Our hope is that they see that someone believes in them and cares for them. Who would let a teenager fly an airplane?” They really do stand a little taller when wearing their flight uniform.